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Tips for Using our Resources

Your teaching resources are a valuable investment.  Here are some tips for getting the most out of your purchases.


  • Purchase a ream of standard size card from your local stationary or office supplies store so you have it handy for printing out flashcards and charts.  Printing the teaching resources on card, rather than paper, makes them more durable and easier to handle and use while teaching.
  • All printers are different and come with a multitude of different settings available; therefore the quality of the printed products can vary significantly.  If the printable download has a large degree of color it is worth doing a draft print in black first to ensure the settings are right before printing the final product.  Setting your printer on the highest quality print setting will give best results.
  • There are various functions available when printing out a PDF file - which include scaling and centering the page if you are not using letter size paper.  This can help if you find part of the page is not printing properly.
  • Always use the print preview option before printing (if available for your printer.)
  • Some of our products come with the option to print in color or in black-and-white.  This gives you the option of having the convenience and quality of a fully colored print or the economical advantage of printing in black ink only.  The black-and-white items can be printed on colored card or colored in by hand to make them more eye-catching.
  • Print just the pages you need.  Many of our resources come with more than one format for printing, so before you hit the "Print All" button, just make sure you really do want all of the pages printed.


  • To keep your valuable music scores and teaching outlines safe and accessible, purchase a three-ring-binder to file them in.  If you purchase a binder that has a see-through pocket at the front you can print out a cover and insert it into the pocket.  Printable binder covers are available here: Printable Binder Cover
  • Your music files are a valuable investment - ensure you 'save' them when you download them and always back them up.


  • For durability print your flashcards and charts on card rather than paper.
  • Laminating your resources will protect them and make them far more durable.
  • For a larger class you may look at enlarging charts on a photocopier.
  • Develop a storage system for your flashcards and charts to keep them safe and accessible.  For example: plastic pockets in a binder.   Printable binder covers are available here:  Printable Binder Cover
  • You can also use the flashcards and charts to hang up in your classroom or on your bulletin board, reminding children of the songs or concepts you are teaching.


  • The product information page includes information on many aspects of the download including a description of the item, what is included, activities included in the teaching outline, suggested age-range and often an audio demo.  You are the best judge of your child or your students' needs and developmental level, so please read the info carefully to determine how appropriate it is to your situation.    
  • The suggested age-range means that some components of the product are suitable for that age-group; song packs often contain simplified activities for younger children along with more challenging activities for older children.
  • A search function is available.  Simply key in the song, activity type, concept or topic you are looking for.


  • If you don't have the instruments suggested in the teaching outline simply use a different instrument or improvise with pots, pans, boxes, wooden spoons, rice shakers, etc...  Your home and classroom are fully equipped with many sound possibilities! 



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