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Floating Down the River
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Floating Down the River

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Two in the middle and you jump, jump Josie... 

 Floating Down the River, a traditional American folksong, is also known as "Jump, Jump, Josie".  It is a wonderful song for exploring tempo with young children as it alternates between the gentle flowing 'A' section and the fast, driving 'B' section.  It provides a good opportunity for children to explore these concepts through movement.  This package contains two recordings of the song - one that uses numbers, and a version for using as a parachute game that features colors.  This version can also be used for dancing with colored chiffon scarves or ribbons.  Teaching notes and game directions included.


  • sheet music (melody)
  • mp3 recording
  • mp3 recording - version two (colors)
  • activity ideas and teaching instructions
  • parachute game instructions

Product Features:

Music:alternates between slow and fast tempos, ABAB form
Concepts:moving to music, tempo
Level:toddlers, 3 - 5 yrs, 5 - 8 yrs, 8 - 10 yrs
Activities:parachute game, singing game, movement, dancing with scarves
Themes:river, water, boats, colors


*Please note that this product is a digital download only.

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