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Songs arrow Early Childhood arrow Five Green Peas

Five Green Peas
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Five Green Peas Five Green Peas Five Green Peas Five Green Peas Five Green Peas

Five Green Peas

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Five green peas in a peapod pressed
One grew, two grew, and so did all the rest...

Five Green Peas is a favorite rhyme / fingerplay with young children.  Teaching ideas and activity suggestions are included along with an mp3 recording.  Printable resources include games for teaching rhythm.  Lots of fun!


  • lyric sheet with fingerplay actions
  • mp3 recording
  • activity ideas and teaching outlines
  • printable rhythm-reading game
  • song chart
  • BONUS: pack of worksheets based on the rhyme Five Green Peas - including phonics (P), counting, size and sequencing concepts

Product Features:

Music:speech rhyme
Concepts:steady beat, rhythm, timing, aural skills, reading rhythm patterns using ta and ti-ti
Level:toddlers, 3 - 5 yrs, 5 - 8 yrs
Activities:fingerplay, actions, movement, playing instruments, parachute games, rhythm-reading game, aural game
Themes:food, peas, vegetable, green, colors


*Please note that this product is a digital download only.

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