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About Us

About Our Products:

Teaching Kids to Sing.com specializes in educational music resources for early childhood and elementary aged children.  Ready-to-use songs, games and teaching resources you can download immediately and use with your children today.

What are the Benefits? 

  • Downloading a product is instant - providing you with the convenience of immediate download delivered straight to your computer.  
  • Fresh, innovative ideas for your lesson planning – build your repertoire of effective songs and teaching activities that make learning fun for your students.   
  • Save money - with downloadable, printable resources.
  • Save time - many hours of planning and preparation go into the art of teaching.  Free up your spare time!  We've done the work so you can relax and just enjoy bringing the joy of music to children.
  • No shipping and handling - another substantial saving in money and time.
  • Reproducible music scores and activity sheets - permission to photocopy certain pages for your students helps you cut down on costs again.
  • Keep your valuable music safe - keep your files backed up on your computer and if your valuable resources get lost or damaged you can print them out again.
  • Find just the song or resources you are looking for - looking for a song to fit in with your curriculum?  Looking for a song that will reinforce a particular music concept?  At TeachingKidsToSing.com you can search for just the song you need by subject, concept or activity.
  • Purchase just the song you need - have you ever bought a whole book or CD just to get one song?  Save money and just buy the song you need.  
  • Create your own song file - print out your songs and teaching outlines and place them in a three-ring-binder to create your own customized music file.  Your song file grows into a valuable, customized resource which you can add to at your own rate.
  • Last minute life-saver for teachers - had a busy weekend? Haven't had a chance to plan your music class?  We have songs and teaching ideas ready and waiting for you!
  • Lots of FREE bonus items for our valued members - don’t miss out on these exciting free resources... join us today!

About Us

TeachingKidstoSing.com was founded by Denise Hollingworth and Carole Searle in order to provide effective and affordable resources for parents and teachers looking to build children’s musicianship skills through fun, hands-on activities.

Denise Hollingworth

M.M.Ed., Grad. Dip. Ed. Grad. Cert. Orff Mus. Ed., B.E.C.S.

Denise Hollingworth is an experienced music specialist who has taught in the USA, Canada and Australia. She graduated from the VanderCook College of Music in Chicago with a Masters in Music Education. Denise has completed studies in both Kodály and Orff philosophies of music education and enjoys incorporating these methodologies in a creative approach to teaching.

Denise is the Musical Director of a Kodály-based youth choir where she teaches children ages five to eighteen years. She also currently teaches Early Childhood Music and Movement Classes, School Choirs and Elementary Music.

Denise has worked as both an educator and consultant with families, kindergartens, schools, community music programs, early learning centers, tertiary training programs and music programs for children with special needs. She regularly presents workshops for teachers on the topics of Music Education and Children’s Vocal Development.

Denise has a passion for sharing the joy of music with children and enjoys creating songs and activities that lead children to explore and develop their musicianship, musical creativity and expression.

Carole Searle

Carole Searle is a gifted singer / songwriter whose music reflects her sensitivity, spirit of fun and creativity.

 Carole regularly writes and performs songs for churches, community functions and weddings, where her audiences enjoy her beautiful, heartfelt music. 

Having sung in choirs and ensembles most of her life, Carole currently sings with the “Bella Mama” Women’s Singing Group. Carole is a versatile musician, enjoying a variety of music styles. She plays guitar and keyboard and is the weekly soloist at her church.

After 16 years of songwriting for adult audiences, Carole discovered the joy of writing for children. Her imagination, sense of humor and wit bring a delightful quality to her work. As a mother, Carole has always filled her children’s lives with music, witnessing the joy and enrichment that it provides. She strongly believes in allowing children creativity and self-expression in their own music-making. Carole’s two children enthusiastically embrace her songs and enjoy test-driving her compositions.


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